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What we are

Subodh Vidhya Mandir School was founded by Mr. Mahesh Sharma. As the importance of education goes on increasing day by day, our responsibility towards the society and the academic world also keeps on increasing. Realizing this we have taken a step towards offering quality education through our Subodh Vidhya Mandir School. It is our ray of hope which we have held on to ever since Mahesh Sharma founded it. We want to shape a bright future for every student of ours and take them to newer heights.

The Subodh Vidhya Mandir School has classes from pre-primary to standard seventh. In the near future we plan to start a stream for higher classes. The school is located in a prominent area of Udaipur , Maharashtra and built over a eight acre area. The buildings have been built taking into consideration the infrastructural needs and international norms for a school. Every class has not more than 30 students; this makes it easy to pay individual attention to every student.

We have E-classrooms in our school which makes learning for children interesting and easy. We have equipped our school with every important facility. We have our own means of transportation so the parents have one less thing to worry about. Our science lab and library are well equipped and modern. " We encourage students to participate in extra-curricular activities to facilitate their physical development. At Subodh Vidhya Mandir School, Udaipur , Maharashtra we aim to develop overall personality of our students. We do not let our students lose focus of academics but we also encourage them to take part in extra-curricular activities from time to time.
The school is fast growing into an institution that provides quality education to students in Udaipur. We aspire to continue our services to the educational society through our school and we want to take it to bigger levels. The faculty at our school is learned and experienced and is committed to the growth of students. We inculcate good values and instill confidence in children so that when they face the real world they are prepared to give their best. Right from the beginning we make sure little children grow up into capable individuals in the future. We work on their basics and help them to be confident on every front. The atmosphere at the school is enriching and encouraging for students and they are exposed to a very conducive group of teachers who are friendly. Our efforts bear fruit when we see little children excited as they step into the school and smiling as they go home. It is our duty to make the most of our time with children worthwhile and we hope when they succeed in their lives, they will remember their alma mater and proudly say that they were a part of our institution.

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Mon - Sat: 07:30 am ‐ 02:30 pm
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Subodh Vidhya Mandir Sen. Sec. School,
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Jalore - 343001 (Raj.)
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